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My name is Shari and I have been doing Psychic Tarot Card Readings now for well over 27 years helping many clients in the advice of money, love, relationships, career, & marriage advice.  I am also a life coach helping my clients to get solutions to their daily life's problems and issues.  My gift has not only helped my clients throughout the years, but is also given me the experience to be a leader in being a compassionate psychic helping people solve many problems getting the answers they need and deserve.

I have a rare and unique gift of not just being psychic, but I am also very clairvoyant being able to pick up on peoples energies, emotions & feelings as well.  I sense my visions through sight, smell, and listening to the messages that come from the other side.  I have helped many people gain the insight they need when going through troubled times.

I also do dream interpretation being able to analyze their dreams finding what they need to know and where they need to be in their life.  Your dreams represent symbols of events and things you are experiencing in your life and if you follow your dreams and get the proper guidance you need, you will prosper in your decision making in life.

I believe in what I do and that is what separates me from the rest of the psychics that are out there.  My talents are shown with my accuracy in my predictions with details and timelines to follow.

If you are new to Psychic Readings, please read my About Me page to further understand who I am and what I have to offer to you.  So whether you need psychic advice in your marriage or relationships or details about how to succeed in your business or interpersonal life, I can help you find the right path and tell you in detail exactly what you need to do.

I look forward to speaking and working with you soon!

Love & Light,

Psychic Shari

How do Psychic Readings really work?

Different advisors have different ideas and ways to practice their talent.  For many psychics, the power is inherent within themselves to tap into the universal understandings and the psychic tool they use with the tarot cards, pendulum, channeling, etc. is simply a medium to help trigger that personal talent.  Some speak with the tapping into the universal mind getting the necessary information about you and the questions you need answered.

When I speak with you, I use all my concentration and effort focusing on your energy that surrounds you.  I will tap into your vibrational level while we speak about your situation.  Once I have balanced this force with you, I will feel, see, and smell the outcome of what you need to know during the reading.  At the same time, I use the divination tool of the tarot cards as well as regular playing cards giving me the answers and predictions you need to know.

During your reading, there will be dialogue between both of us to keep this constant vibrational level at its peak until the reading is completed.

If you are considering an email reading, the same principals apply but I do require more information before completing your reading.  I will need your full name and date of birth as well as the full names and date of births of the other parties involved in your questions.  Photographs are very helpful as well in any email readings too.  If you are considering on doing an email reading with me, please be detailed with your questions for this will help the channeling of your energies when getting the answers you need.

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